Business Rule Engine

April, 2021 - December, 2021

One of the exciting projects that I worked on while I was in Endava was a rule engine based on the Camunda model and DMN.

For this project, I worked on the backend part as a software developer, utilizing my Node.js skills to develop a robust and efficient backend. In addition, I collaborated closely with the frontend team, who built the user interface using React.js.

The rule engine based on the Camunda model and DMN was a key feature of the project, allowing for the modeling and execution of business rules, and making it easier to automate decision-making processes. Overall, I'm proud of the work I contributed to this project and the valuable experience I gained working with such a cutting-edge technology stack.

Unfortunately, I'm unable to provide any further details on this project due to NDA restrictions.

Tech Stack

  • NodeJs
  • ReactJs